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the general

The General: A more-brawn-than-brains kind of guy, the General and his army decided to take over Ali-A’s city, and didn’t expect any one to try and stop them. He has a short temper, and although not the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is much smarter than the army he commands

The General
The Witch

the witch

Don’t underestimate Wendy because of how cute she is. She is a very skilled witch, and an even more skilled racer. A bit of a drama queen and an over reactor, she often finds herself solo but blames it on the bad rep witches get.


the mecha alien

An almost extinct alien species, the Mecha Alien took the few left of his kind and headed for Earth. Their objective is to take over Earth and make it their new home. They have set up their base at the North Pole, and have decided that racing is the best way to show their superiority.

The Mecha Alien
The Crab Warrior

the crab warrior

The Crab Warrior has lived his life protecting an Underwater temple for centuries. He believes no one should ever enter the temple, so imagine his reaction when he finds CaptainSparklez zipping around one day. Years of solitude have done their toll on him and although once a mighty warrior, he is now more of a sore loser.


the troll

Hidden away from the sun, in a deep dark cavern, it is unknown where the troll came from. With very limited intelligence and even less experience with humans, he does not act kindly when confronted with something new. At least that’s how he was before he saw a car for the first time, and created his own out of rocks and wood.

The Troll
The Void Monster

the void monster

The Void Monster: A very mysterious creature, the Void Monster is a familiar foe to the Tube Heroes, having attacked more than one of them at random. It has been recently discovered that the Void Monster is from a world called The Void, and there appears to be more than one of its kind.

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