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the forest

Race through one of the most trickiest tracks around, an abandoned farm; nestled quietly at the edge of foreboding forest.

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the forest

Racing through the Forest has never been this fun! Go for a ride with your all time favorite Tube Hero, DanTDM and drive the Blue Rocket Racer to help him reclaim his property and defeat the wicked Wendy Witch.

The Forest

power ups

Bomb-Car: When activated, it will shoot out and target the closest racer to whoever activated it. This works with racers ahead and behind of the user.

Cannon-Ball: This ball will shoot out and bounce off anything in the track until it hits a player or runs out of time.

Mine: When racers choose to activate this powerup, the mine is dropped at that spot and when a racer runs over it, they spin out.

Shield: When activated the user is protected from all other obstacles for a short period of time, and when another racer hits the shield they spin out.


hero: dantdm

Dan TDM is the creator and hero of his very own world and he's always ready for any adventure! Race through The Forest as your all time favorite Tube Hero and drive the Blue Rocket Racer to defeat the wicked Wendy the Witch.

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villain: the witch

Don’t underestimate Wendy because of how cute she is. She is a very skilled witch, and an even more skilled racer.

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