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One of Ssundee’s favorite things to do is to make people laugh. Whether it’s his fun competitions, or his derpy alter-ego’s jokes, he’s always looking to have a good time.

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danTDM-in-car second-car third-car

the gadget guzzler

Racing is no laughing matter, especially when it comes between SSundee and his suped- up car. Good luck catching up to the Gadget Guzzler; with its Hollow Point speed activated, you’ll be eating its dust!


gadget guzzler: feature

Hallow Point – Take out an enemy out in front with the Gadget Guzzler bullet.


the mud caverns

Say goodbye to the blue sky as players race through abandoned tunnels and paths. Discover cursed ancient ruins and avoid bottomless pits while navigating your way through this dimly lit track!

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The Forest
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