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Dan TDM is the creator and hero of his very own world and he is always ready for any adventure!

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the blue rocket racer

Racing through the Forest has never been this fun! Go for a ride with your all time favorite Tube Hero, DanTDM and drive the Blue Rocket Racer to help him reclaim his property and defeat the wicked Wendy Witch.


blue rocket racer: feature

Diamond Defence – All defense systems are up as the Blue Rocket Racer shields up in blue.


the forest

Race through one of the most dangerous environments around, an abandoned farm; nestled quietly at the edge of foreboding forest. Weave through acres of farmland designed to keep you in, as roadways turn to mud pits and unexpected ramps send you sailing through the air. Dan had claimed this property for himself however something wicked has other plans.

Join the fun and help the Tube Heroes get their vehicles and tracks back!

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The Forest
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